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Bats are warm blooded mammals and interestingly the only flying mammals on earth. Their mammal characteristic can be explained by the fact that they nurse their young ones on milk, have fur and are warm blooded. There are slightly over a thousand bat species all over the world.

The different types of bats

Traditionally, bats fall into two major categories

· Megabats or megachiropterabat inside attic

· Microbats or microchiroptera

This classification is however not based on size as it is possible to find a small megabat and vice versa. Under these categories we now have specific bat species. They include

The fruit bat

This is a megabat kind of bat and is sometimes known as the flying fox. They vary in size depending on the location.

The vampire bat

Their teeth are razor like which makes it possible for them to feed on cows, horses, as well as some big mammals. They are just known for licking blood and will rarely bite or kill.

Little brown bat

It is small with around three inches in body length and about 3 ounces in weight.

Other types of bat species

Note that there are over 1000 bat species the world over and we can only mention but a few.

· Egyptian fruit bat

· Bumble bee bat

· Indiana bat

· Giant goldened flying fox

The dangers of bats

The issue of bats being dangerous is more like a two faced coin. On one hand they are very valuable to our ecosystem by helping in insect control. On the other hand they pose a lot of harm to human beings. There are dangers when human beings come in contact with their droppings. Some of the issues that can arise include diseases as well as bites by big bats. The big brown bats in particular have enormous teeth which can easily puncture human skin.

Some of the diseases caused by bats


Bats transmits rabies alongside other rabid animals. You can be exposed to the diseases if it bites you, the saliva gets into your eyes, mouth or even a fresh wound. Rabies cab be fatal if no immediate response is taken. It is effectively handled using the Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) before infection takes place.


Bats feces will contain histoplasmosis fungus if they are infected. Human beings are at risk of getting the disease if they get exposed to the droppings whenever they fall. These include the soil, chimneys, roofs as well as caves. It generally affects the lungs. In severe cases the fungal infection can extend to other crucial organs making it fatal.

Other diseases associated with bats

· Margbur hemorrhagic fever- this is exclusive to the African continent. It attracts a 90% death rate amongst those infected. It is mostly caused by fruits bats especially those in Uganda.

· Ebola- also associated with fruit bats and common to africa

· Nipah – associated with flying foxes limited to parts of Africa, and south east Asia,

· Hendra virus- also caused by flying foxes and is more common in Australia

How to get rid of bats

Sometimes we have no option but to resort to bat removal if they invade our premises. However based on their nature, it’s hard to know which species of bat you are dealing with. It is therefore important that you use professional bat removal services.

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Bats are a unique aspect of Mother Nature. However they also attract a wide array of health issues. It is also important to note that bats are never violent or purpose to hurt anyone. The best that can be done is to educate people to be on the lookout for bats and avoid contact with their droppings. Bats normally live in caves, trees, burns, bridges and sometimes in houses.flying bats