Social Media & How it has Changed Why We Do What We Do.

Why do we really travel now a days?  We do we really want to go see new things, and have fascinating experiences?  Are we doing it for our memories, or for our followers?   The advent of social media has changed many things about our lives.  It changes the way we interact, with people when […]

Anything Could Happen…

This is a new beginning.  The start of a blog.  Entry #2 of my own personal experiment, but entry #1 for this blog page.   What will this blog be about?  I have a couple ideas.  It could be about travel.  I have a very adventurous soul that desires to see the world.  Yet I […]

Golden Gap Years Returns!

We are super excited here at the Golden Gap Years blog page to return to the web, so that we may once again provide our followers with epic content!  Return soon for updated posts!